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Jazz Concert Season Kick Off and More December Happenings

December at the Museum includes a look at a historic film, the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra season kick-off, and two concerts by the Smithsonian Chamber Music Society.

Hand-stitched American flag

How This WWII Flag Fulfilled a General's Dying Wish

Three cards where visitors left handwritten messages invoking girl power. One card reads: “you think we're not good enough but we're just to [sic] good for you, girl power.”

What Does 'Girl Power' Really Mean?

Engraved cooking pan

Fall in Love With These October Events

Desert Camo baseball bat

The Artistry Behind a Baseball Bat


Soldiers in Fur Coats and 'Doggles'

Pocket sundial

How Did a 17th-Century French Sundial End Up Buried in a Field in Indiana?