September/October 2023

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A coastal landscape with a village by the sea

Tales of Andalusia

From fabled palaces to ancient medinas, snowcapped mountains to wild seacoast, our writer goes in search of Moorish Spain

a man in purple shirt stands in front of a steel monument

On Common Ground

When members of the Choctaw Nation heard about a tragedy half a world away, they didn’t hesitate to help. The Irish never forgot their generosity. Some 175 years later, the bond remains

OPENER - ingredients for flavor; Lynn Prognosis

Nectar of the Gods

How one of the world’s oldest alcoholic beverages could become the drink of the future

Caribbean reef shark

Out of the Deep Blue Beyond

The Caribbean reef shark is a target for fishing—and a magnet for ecotourists who just might save it

Cacao Pod

Ecuador's Gold

Can the most coveted chocolate in history help revive forests around the world?

Bird Opener v2

Bird by Bird

Top nature photographers across the country capture a birder’s-eye view of their favorite feathered neighbors


Songs of Survival

Imprisoned by the Nazis at the Terezin concentration camp, some of Europe's top composers found solace in creating new work. Now one musician is determined to make sure their repertoire lives on



Your feedback on quilts, Los Alamos and more

Imagining an African Atlantis

A new exhibition envisions a world in which the Middle Passage created lives instead of claiming them

Before Lady Liberty

How a goddess embodied the hopes—and myths—of the nation’s first two centuries

Big Brother

The rebellious American character who paved the way for Uncle Sam

Desert Dreams

Revisiting the radiant landscapes Charlotte Butler Skinner called home

Beyond Fairy Tales

The profound and long-forgotten influence of the first book to take children seriously

History From Scratch

Cutting-edge tools are rescuing ancient graffiti from obscurity—and preserving them forever

Type Casting

Spelling out the genesis of one of history’s most indelible inventions

Life in the Fast Lane

Before he changed aviation forever, Glenn Curtiss achieved an unparalleled speed record on land

Facing the Past

How do we know what ancient humans looked like? Inside the high-tech world of forensic art

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