"A Spring and Winter Scene." Music by Joseph Schwanter, Text by Henry David Thoreau, Performed  by contralto Karen Clark and the Galax Quartet.

This whimsical piece is the third song in the cycle Dream Drapery: Thoreau Songs, commissioned by the Galax Quartet in 2012 with financial assistance from New Music USA. We're in the process of making the premiere recording of this piece for the Music and Arts label. It should be commercially available by the end of 2017.

The audio heard in the video here was taken from a live performance in 2013.

The mysterious opening of the song cycle This Bubble of a Heart. Music by Robert Morris, text by Gary Snyder. This was ommissioned by contralto Karen Clark and the Galax Quartet in 2008. The audio is available on the commercial release On Cold Mountain (Innova 795). And of course, it's also downloadable from iTunes and Amazon.